Netball WA Member Screening Guidelines

Joondalup Netball Association, Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:07PM

A challenge for sporting organisations is that there can be limited choices when it comes to selecting volunteers.

Volunteer Co-ordinators may also find it a challenge as volunteers can be elected to positions, particularly at committee level, and may not have the necessary skills or abilities to fulfil a particular role. In other situations, a volunteer might be recruited because an organisation needs an extra pair of hands and not because of their particular skills or abilities. These circumstances are difficult to control and are often exacerbated by an under-supply of volunteers. Despite these hurdles, it is important that a selection and screening policy is in place to ensure the volunteer is suitable for the role they fulfil.

It is expected that Associations and Clubs implement formal volunteer selection and screening measures. The following is designed to assist Netball WA affiliated Associations and Clubs in understanding their obligations to ensure a safe environment for all.


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Last updated: Tuesday June 27, 2017 7:09PM
Author: Christine Stuart